“Mr Frodo, look! The king has got a crown again.”

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Rohan family <3

Éowyn, Éomer, Théodred, Théoden :3 gonna color it later…

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dads(and uncle’s) sleeping posture :D

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Lord of the Rings meme | 1/7 seven locations| Mount Doom

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Guard of the Citadel and Esquire of Rohan.

for some reason tumblr changed size of gifs, idkw, they should look like this: [x] and [x]

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Welcome to Middle-Earth  ☼  Goblin-town

The Goblin-town was a Goblin dwelling in the Misty Mountains south of the Mountains of Angmar - a network of branching caves and tunnels which stretches out from the High Pass in the Northern part of the mountain range. Most of the tunnels were carved by the Goblins, though they also incorporated pre-existing caverns and passages.

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"legolas is the hot one"

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Aragorn being one smokin’ hot male protagonist [3/?]

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