Rulers of Númenor + Part I

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I am F I R E

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The Lord of the Rings & Hobbit series from the beginning to the end

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The Oath of Fëanor 

Team Fëanorians for the Silmarillion Read-Along!

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does galadriel own shoes

sauron steal her shoes during the battle in Dol Guldur

you know -”if you want my fortress i will take your shoes” type of deal.

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yves-augustin asked: Am I the only crying at the fact that they used Pippin's song from ROTK in the BOTFA trailer?

I’m crying here with you. And not because I think it was a good idea.

instead of trailer I saw only scene with Denethor and Pippin singing. 

Ok I’m kinda shocked

to see the super-speed abilities of people,who make so much gifsets for like…10 minutes